Executive Assistant / Project Coordinator

Lent Enterprises Digital, Honolulu's fastest growing digital agency is seeking an Executive Assistant / Project Coordinator to join our dynamic team of creative marketing and advertising professionals.

The Executive Assistant / Project Coordinator is responsible for a number of things at the company. This individuals must respond well to a variety of demands and be able

to perform well when tasked with multiple responsibilities at once:

  • Organizes and coordinates all productions

  • Creates and manages all production schedules — ensures each item for each scene is available prior to the shoot, ensures all locations have been set back to their original formation when scenes have commenced, works closely with client.

  • Negotiates talent and some vendor rates for a variety of projects.

  • Negotiates usage licenses for talent and creates appropriate contracts.

  • Secures talent on behalf of projects, negotiating talent fees with the talent agents, hiring the talent once the creative team and the clients make their decision.

  • Holds casting calls as necessary, creating the appropriate casting paperwork. Tracks and maintains casting schedule. Works with a variety of agencies.

  • Prepares and maintains client files which include: contracts and other necessary information.

  • Manages most company assets, including props and other inventory.

  • Manages website.

  • Formats all company documents such as contracts and proposals.

  • Assists it the creation of pitch decks, contributes with a variety of research and formatting.

  • Executes creative ideas and creates systems as requested.

  • Reaches out to and finds key Social Media influencers.

  • Orders company supplies as needed.

  • Responds to client, vendor, and requests.

  • Fills in and covers for other company members when they are not available.

  • Assigns and manages client and vendor agreements.

  • Maintains billing schedule, sends invoices on the appropriate dates, and reconciles invoices.

  • Makes deposits on behalf of the company and maintains financial records.

  • Performs comprehensive administrative duties on behalf of the company.

  • Attends meetings, ensures president is prepared.

  • Manages company schedule.

  • Responds and performs a range of demands from company president and other members of the company.

  • Maintains digital files of company pitches and other assets.

  • Meeting recaps and thank-you messages to clients and vendors.

  • Manages and initiates special projects.


Interested applicants should send in their resume and cover letter.