Born & raised in Hawaii, Greg is a graduate of Maryknoll High School. He earned a Bachelors of Science Degree at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. After graduating, he was unsure of where he wanted to take his professional career, so he decided to work in the Las Vegas hospitality industry. 


After 3 years working in hospitality, he found himself in a serious sports injury, from his recreational sports involvement. This injury required surgery. He also left his job in hospitality. At that point, Greg sought to take his life in a new direction. Upon his reevaluation, he stumbled across Internet Marketing.


Greg quickly immersed himself in the Internet Marketing Culture, innovating new techniques and learning diverse and intricate strategies that had never been done before, he started multiple internet marketing companies and has served as a premiere digital marketing strategist to all types of business owners.


By 2012, Greg was ranked amongst the top 10 of 50,000 internet marketers around the world. Not only is Lent Enterprises pleased to say that Greg handles all of their client’s internet marketing strategies, Greg serves as a coach & consultant to many top industry leaders. He is as an invaluable component to a client’s market success with his top notch and cutting edge internet marketing skills.


Chief Digital Strategist